Greater ride comfort is achieved by effectively isolating and damping the engine/road-induced vibrations and noise for the comfort of occupants in the car. The job of an engine mount is not only to hold the engine in place but to reduce the engine vibration felt inside the car. Engine mounts carry the static and dynamic loads of the motor throughout its entire service life and are also an essential factor for isolating low to high-frequency vibrations.
Premier prides itself in its engineering expertise supplying engine mounts for construction and agricultural machinery, rail cars, and marine vessels, to mention just a few. Premier’s natural rubber compounds offer excellent heat resistance characteristics in high-temperature environments. Using innovative technology to develop rubber materials further, we have created a range of engine mounts that optimize vibration isolation, perform in heavy-duty environments, and offer excellent durability.
Premier Seals provides Conventional Mounts, Hydro Mounts, Torque rods, Motor mounts, and Switchable mounts depending upon the customer’s specifications.


Transmission mount

The transmission mount holds the transmission securely to a support that is either welded or bolted to the chassis.

Motor Mount EV Vehicle

The automotive industry has witnessed a shift towards hybrid and fully electric drives due to stricter emissions regulations, depleting resources, and escalating energy costs.

Radiator Mounting

Radiator mounting is a crucial aspect of vehicle cooling system design, as it plays a vital role in ensuring the proper positioning and stability of the radiator.

Hydro Mount

To be most effective, a powertrain mount must be frequency-dependent.

Switchable Mount

A switchable powertrain mount performs the regular task of hydro Mount along with switching the dynamic performance.

Torque Rod

The torque rod reliably withstands engine torques while providing isolation and secure engine mounting within the vehicle.